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A stone room with a moderately sized netherbrick skull at the back with two arms reaching out. SoftmintSheep sits on the left palm.

The entrance hall of The Crypt of Pain II

The Crypt of Pain is a maze that originated in The Grove from the Ravscraft 2 server. All versions have been built by Rottot.


In Ravs 2, the concept was that players would be given a hot potato to slow them, which they would then have to navigate a maze filled with soulsand and cobwebs. Many players found an exploit where jumping would greatly reduce the effect of the slowing.

With mod items being disallowed in Mistral 1, The Crypt of Pain II seeked new ways to slow the player. The crypt was split into two sections (Malice and Misery) which each had the sub-sections: Crypt, Desert, Manion, Sewer, and Hell. Malice was a deadly maze that introduced more ways to die with each sub-section, while Misery was more based on the previous Crypt, getting increasingly slower.

danieel147 has been the only person to ever beat The Crypt of Pain II, however they were pitied during the Malice and Hell stages. No player has beaten either Hell stage.


Crypt of Pain II (Malice) music

Crypt of Pain II (Misery) music