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Entrance to the Chateau

This page is for the chateau building, for the town see Le Chatte Chateau

The Chateau is the main building of Le Chatte Chateau, of which construction began on the first day of the Mistral 1 server. It serves as the home for Rottot, danieel147 and Doshhh. It was primarily built by Rottot, with the help of danieeel147.

Due to the server cap on render distance, it is near impossible to view the entire chateau from one end of the building to the other.


Before the storage room was built, a base was set up inside the hill that used to exist where the chateau now stands. Although meant to be temporary, an exact replication of the base was created deeper underground when the contruction of the entrance hall was underway. The new temporary base was eventually turned into the entrance for The Crypt of Pain.

The intention for the chateau was to be a shopping district, and thus the shops were one of the first rooms to be built. In the early days of the server, this provided a popular space for exchange, though became redundant after Soluna was set up. After fewer customers used the chateau, danieel147 repurposed the upper floor of the red wing to a large bedroom.

A minor hide and seek event was held in the chateau long before the building had many of the rooms and hidey-holes it has now. Several rounds were played an some people were never found. Doing hide and seek in the current-day chateau would be a several hour challenge, considering some members of the chateau are still finding new rooms they didn't know existed.

The chateau building is still yet to be finished.


Entrance Hall

Warp Court[]

A courtyard at the front of the chateau with a purple spiral in the centre. It served as the point for the warp to the chateau.

Entrance Hall[]

The first room in the Chateau. Standing at 40 blocks tall, it is the largest single room by height and volume. The lower roof supports feature cat heads and the chateau banner draped either side.

Segment of the Blue Wing

Blue & Red Shop Wings[]

Directly splitting off from the entrance hall, the shopping district is a multi-story corridor network with various shop designs. Some corridors also contain various pieces of artwork. The roof of the wings act as the cat ears of the chateau.

Gift Shop[]

Clockwall in Daniel's Bedroom

Also providing an alternative connection to the red wing, the gift shop sold various chateau-realted goods.

Daniel's Room[]

Formery the second story of the red wing shopping district, Daniel's bedroom sits underneath Tour de Daniel.

Theres a floating potato in an item frame, none of the chateau members can remove this and is seen as the last artifact of rouge shopping district.

Luigi's Casino[]

Continued from Pen Island, Luigi's Casino lies at the end of the hall in the red wing. Also contains the Obsidian Lounge, a room that was created in the temporary cave base.

A contantly evolving storage room

Staff Access[]

Staff access was originally a shop, however it was much smaller than the others, so it was converted to a shortcut to an upper level of the chateau.

Storage Room[]

Locked behind the doors at the end of the entrance hall lies the busiest (and messiest) room in the chateau. Contains the majority of what the chateau members own.

Dosh's brewery

Gaming Room[]

Also in reference to a room made in the temporary base, the gaming room is an extension to the storage room that provides a place to enchant tools. Has some fake arcade machines as decoration.

Dosh's Brewery[]

Spirale de Dick Rip

With Doshhh taking an interest in the alchemy aspect of mcmmo, a large brewing room was made to accommodate his needs to be number one in brewing.

Le 'Throne' Room[]

This room was made before the true throne room, using 'le shitters' instead of thrones. Houses only the fanciest of shitters in the chateau.

The Ballroom being enjoyed by Mono

La Armourie[]

Providing little use, the armoury is an unused storage of armour and weapons.

Spirale de Dick Rip[]

The main staircase gained it's name from it's giant length, and having to constantly turn your mouse as you travel up the 6.5 spirals from bottom to top. The staircase also has no rails and takes nearly half a minute to walk the entire length.

Bingo Hall

The Ballroom[]

On the second floor, the ballroom exists as a large room to dance with your chums. 'La Vie en Rose' by Roland Cendermark (aka the 'Le Fishe' song) is commonly played here

Da Club

Bingo Hall[]

An unused room with seating and a stage that provides a connection to several other rooms on the second floor.

Le Sussy Medbay[]

Chateau's own medical centre featuring it's own medbay scanner for those sussy bakas

Da Club[]

The rad'est room the chateau has to offer

Cleaning Cupboard[]

Blue court and kitchen

Such a large building collects a lost of dust, hence the two storey cleaning cupboard.

Blue Wart Court[]

The exterior garden of the kitchen


Bell Ball arena with the custom chateau pack

The first separate building built on the second floor, and one of the last to be furnished. Features are large cat's eye that overlooks the blue wart court

Cat Cafe[]

A cat castle needs a cat cafe

Red court and meeting room

Bell Ball Arena[]

An arena with spectator seats for participating in bell ball.

Red Wart Court[]

Contrasting with the blue wart court, the red wart court sits at the opposite side of the chateau in front of the meeting room

Meeting Room[]

The meeting table and chairs hang from a platform in the centre of the room, and is covered by a skylight depicting the French flag.

Tour de Dosh[]

Sadly never built, but daniel did say there was plans in may to construct something dosh would like.

Tour de Daniel[]

The main office of Luigi, used to conduct business to other nations.

The Real Throne Room[]

Bowling Room[]

Bowling Alley[]

Meeting Control Room[]





Kush's Bedroom[]

Built by daniel, home to the most purple room in the chateau, built to earn Kush's trust and love.

Housing Halls[]

Noshii's Bedroom[]

Scientry's Bedroom[]

Sheep's Bedroom[]



Le Fishe Halls[]

Cinema Room[]

Famous room where the chateau members watch Eman's streams.

Eman's Bedroom[]

Smokers Corner[]

Back Alley[]


Cat Head Hall[]

The Room Area[]

Rottot's Bedroom[]


The Vault[]

Monty's House[]

Bee Containment[]

Under Farms[]

Subway Station[]


Rat tunnels[]