Mistral Wiki

In Anvilania can be found three PvP arenas:

  • TheTwistedBlade Arena found at /warp Arena

    The Arena, by TheTwistedBlade, located in Old Anvilzon. To get inside: /warp Arena
  • Player vs Player area on West Anvilania Island

    The Court Yard, by ParisForge on the west of West Anvilana Island. (This is an extension of the City Courthouse.)
  • private sparing room A Private Affair

    A Private Affair, small sparing room at the sub-level alpha of the Industrial Complex. by ParisForge

"Uh yeah. There's the one Twisted built, it was moved once. It used to be over on that island. Have you seen it? Yeah, right out of the eighties. Been around like forever. That other one is big. You remember 2fort? It's like that. Part of the legal system that Mr. Float laid down. Where all the legal issues are battles to the death, that's right. And that last one doesn't amount to much...too small."