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A vanilla minecraft pufferfish texture

The Nate Smells Mod Item is a pufferfish

Nate Smells is a named pufferfish Mod Item brought into the server by moderator SoftmintSheep.

The item name is "nate smells", based off NateIsNice who was a former player of the Mistral Network.

The item uses attribute modifiers to change the players speed. When the item is held or worn in any slot the player's movement speed is increased by 10. This is fast enough to trigger the anti-cheat and flag the player.

The item was created a long time before the Mistral Network but first surfaced during the YCN in the first Ravs server. The item was used as a gag and rarely got into players hands, if any players were found with the item somehow they were forcefully removed. The item still exists but rarely resurfaces.

Attributes :)