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The History of Mistral Network

Hello there, and welcome to Mistral Network! This is a brief history of Mistral, everything we've been through, and hopefully we'll have plenty to add down the line!

Yognau(gh)t Community Network

Mistral Network started out as the Yognau(gh)t Community Network back in 2019. Founded by Z0eff (later joined by Nairdwood), The YCN hosted multiple survival servers, and a couple of Creative servers.

These were later joined by servers hosted by members of The Yogscast including Geestar, Radders, Vadact, The Spiffing Brit (which sadly never fully launched, but it was there..), ThatMadCat, and Duncan (hosted by Nairdwood). Dr Simon Clark also had his Minecraft server as part of the network.

Over time, due to inactivity, Radders and Geestar left the YCN, and most of the other Yogs servers became inactive and mostly abandoned. This prompted Nairdwood to create Version 2 of the YCN, which entered Beta at the beginning of 2020.

During the Beta, Nairdwood created survival, creative and Towny servers for the network, and invited a small number of players on to test them. This was also visited briefly by The Spiffing Brit. However, due to burnout, Nairdwood decided he couldn't develop the network anymore, and made the decision to shut down the network until the next version of Minecraft was released. This turned out to be just one week later.

Yogscast Community Network

With the launch of Minecraft 1.14, Z0eff returned to reboot the network, under it's new name The Yogscast Community Network. Offering multiple survival servers this time branded with colours (Red, Blue, Orange, Purple and Yellow). Nairdwood joined and started working on the YCN Minigames servers, which similarly to the previous network, only reached the Beta stage before they were discontinued.

Z0eff later contacted Nairdwood, stating that he was stepping back from the YCN, and handed the reins over to Nairdwood, but remains one of the Community Managers. With this, Nairdwood transferred the coloured servers from Z0eff's system to his own, and due to resource limits, three of the five were discontinued.

At this point, the RavsCraft server joined the YCN, and quickly became the most popular server available! Almost every player who currently plays on Mistral Network came from RavsCraft.

Nairdwood continued to maintain and update the network until an event that reshaped the network forever.

The Fire

On Wednesday 10th March 2021, the network suddenly went offline, and nobody (including the staff team) knew why. After a short time, we learned a fire had broken out in OVH's Strausberg facility, which had destroyed the SBG2 building and most of the SBG1 building. Unfortunately, the YCN was hosted in SBG2, and thus, the network was completely lost. We worked as hard as we could to rebuild a temporary server for players to play on while we worked on rebuilding the YCN from the ground up.

In May 2021, on the network's 2nd anniversary, we relaunched the new and improved YCN 3.0, offering a survival server, and a creative server (which broke almost instantly, and still requires a rebuild, which will be coming!). This server offered new features not seen on the YCN before, such as Towny and mcMMO.

At this point, Nairdwood decided it was best to reach out to The Yogscast regarding the state of the YCN, and the use of "Yogscast" in our name, as well as the yogs.net domain.

Mistral Network

After a long discussion with key members of The Yogscast, they decided that they didn't want to partner with us, and asked us to remove their branding from our name, as well as the domain we used for the network. Thus, Mistral Network was born! Except from the name, logo and domain, nothing else changed, but we became our own entity, no longer tied to the Yogscast Brand.

At this point, the brand "Networkz" was created to act as a parent company to Mistral, allowing for future expansion and opportunities.

And this brings us to today, with Mistral Network running the latest Minecraft version, and now on our own dedicated Discord server (https://dsc.gg/mistral). We wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for the players who enjoy playing together every day. Thank you.