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Man Salt's current Minecraft skin

Man Salt is a fictional character referenced in Mistral lore, mainly by former Nova Shire members. There exists a Man Salt Minecraft account owned by Eman7blue, which is mainly used as an alt account. Man Salt heads are common on Mistral and are collected alongside other player heads.



Man Salt originated as an alt Discord account for Eman7blue, being an evil entity that seeks to cause trouble whenever around. Man Salt's real name in lore is Manuel Salias, and has been arrested several times for being a part of the Colombian drug trade. In December 2019, the Man Salt Minecraft account was made, and was active on the YCN.


Man Salt's former Discord profile picture.

Man Salt was a "member" of Nova Shire. In mid-2020, the Man Salt Discord account was deactivated.


Man Salt's main appearance on Mistral was during impromptu Hide-n-Seek events run by Eman7blue, where players would have to find Man Salt who was hidden somewhere on the server. Man Salt would give one word hints. KushPatel3410 and Noshii were prominent players in these events.


  • Man Salt's name comes from the phrase "Eman's alt," which was read as "emansalt."
  • The Man Salt Minecraft account has been renamed 3 times, from "ManSalt" to "Mayor_ManSalt" to "Jom_Jom_" to its current form "Man_Salt"