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Le Fishe is a splinter town of Le Chatte Chateau, containing many members of former Nova Shire from the Ravscraft 2 server. It is located by the coast at the end of the river that connects to the chateau.


The Louvre was the first building contructed in the area, which at the time, did not have a name. After this was built, ownership of the land around it was passed onto Eman7blue who turned the outpost into a town.

The river connecting to the chateau provided a sea connection between the castle and coatal towns, allowing Chateau residents to conduct heists to steal mobs from Anvilania and MushyMushMush

With the help of mcmmo, Le Fishe became a popular fishing spot for Le Chatte Chateau residents, which later lead to Eman7blue selling the "Le Fishe Special" in the Chateau Shops. This item was a tropical fish sold for 69,420 which was brought by residents of Bham several times. This was the source of the majority of Le Chatte Chateau's income.

After many residents of Le Fishe stopped playing, danieeel147 widened the rivers and improved some of the buildings as part of the Canal Town and Le Chatte Land projects.

Eman7blue left Le Fishe on October 29th 2021 to join MushyMushMush instead. He later left MMM to found his own town.


  • There are 2 different buildings in Le Fishe that are called "the among us building." These are Potato's House and the former storage building/current villager trading building.
  • Le Fishe is a reference to the meme of the same name. Eman7blue frequently played the meme in voice calls in the Ravscraft discord using the now defunct Rythm bot.