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The main building of Le Chatte Chateau

Le Chatte Chateau - commonly shortened to 'Chateau' - is a town originally designed as a 130x130 circular castle in the shape of a cat, which later expanded it's territory for districts such as the sunflower field and Le Fishe.

Most of the population originated as members from Nova Shire and Pen Island in the Ravscraft 2 server.

General Info[]

Nation Server Founded Population
Le Chatte Domaine (Capital) Mistral 1 May 11 2021 20


  • Rottot (Mayor)
  • MeatyAlbatross
  • Doshhh
  • MontySaurusRex_
  • danieeel147
  • AlphaFromOmega
  • PotatOWisp
  • De34
  • zombiemc1
  • ReewassSquared
  • Xros_
  • a32bitmint
  • KingOfMiners56
  • maninblak
  • Eman7blue (former)
  • AmarabthineJakey
  • Pancaakess
  • xanthic_
  • candycanebush
  • alarmed_potato


Canal Town[]

A stretch of colourful buildings contructed along the widened river that connects the chateau to Le Fishe.

Chatte Land[]

A theme park sandwiched between Canal Town and Le Fishe built by danieeel147

Le Fishe[]

A splinter town of Le Chatte Chateau, home of the Lourve. See the link for more info.

Sunflower Field[]

A vast field of sunflowers that cover nearly every block in the plains biome north-west of the chateau. Also contains the 'Eiffel Flower' and the brewery.

The Chateau[]

The main building of Le Chatte Chateau. See the link for more info.

The Crypt of Pain[]

An extremely slow and painful maze under the chateau. See the link for more info.


  • The town was originally going to be called "Pussy Palace" in reference to Pen Island, however this was deemed as too inappropriate by staff. This, and danieeel147 naming a hopper "Le Shitter" is the entire reason the town adopted a French theme.