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Landlands (Sometimes stylised as LandLands) is a faction that was originally created during the Yognau(gh)t Community Network on TS1. Since then the Landlands faction has appeared on mutiple other servers after the closure of TS1, including Ravs 1 and Mistral 2.

General Info[]

Leader Server Founded Population
Eman7Blue TS1 2019 Unknown


  • Landlands (capital)
  • Nova Landlands
  • Skysky
  • Covecove


  • When Landlands was established it was originally a temporary base in order to build a set of sky islands known as the Skylands.
    • As Landlands was developed the Skylands was renamed to Skysky.
  • Landlanders often use a unique form of dilect called Speakspeak where words are repeated twice without spacing. Examples include, the towns, Fightfight, as well as signs placed for directions or pointers.
  • Throughout every iteration of Landlands a giant animal has been built (often a pig)