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Garry, the founding city of the Georgian Empire, is a small northern village populated by a handful of players.

General Info[]

Nation Server Founded (Server1/Server2)* Population
Georgian Empire Mistral 1 May 11th 2021 6
*2 members of Garry are Naird's alts, which is why they aren't listed below.


Username Role Title(s) Other Info
God_Of_Hell Mayor Emporor Founder of both Garry and the Georgian Empire
Naird Assistant Banker Co-founded Garry with GOH
Balestor Assistant Apothecary Manages everything potion related
awesomedj22 Assistant N/A Newest Resident of Garry


About Garry[]

Garry was founded during the creation of the latest version of Mistral Network by God_Of_Hell. Situated to the North of the map, Garry was initially rather remote compared to the other towns.

Shortly after it's creation, Naird and Balestor joined the town, and built the starter house, along with some miscellaneous buildings such as the first shop, storage building and enchantment room.

Later, the members of Garry decided to overhaul the layout and rebuild from the ground up. This can still be seen as many buildings have the foundations placed, but haven't been fully constructed yet.

The Garry Town Hall sits near the center of Garry and acts as the hub and national embassy for Garry.


The Pit[]

While Nairdwood was procrastinating from working on the Network, he decided to dig a large pit down to bedrock. He still doesn't know why he decided to do this, but The Pit was born. Situated across the river from Garry, The Pit is a 30x30 hole down to bedrock with no purpose other than to fill chests with lots of stone apparently.

To the North of The Pit sits the Garry Tree, Sugarcane and Bamboo farms. These are all still a work in progress, and still need to be redesigned to look a lot better.

South of The Pit stood the sorting depot, which housed all the resources gathered from The Pit. This was a Stone Brick building with many chests filled with things like stone, cobble, dirt, ores and miscellaneous building blocks that were left over from it's construction. It was demolished in October 2021 to make way for a new development on the land.

Garry Store[]

The Garry Store was constructed over the hill from The Pit near a plains biome, and serves as the shopping hub for Garry. You can access it by using /warp Garrystore or follow the cave from the riverbed.

Garry Store has a limited range at this time, but offers blocks such as Deepslate, Sporeblossoms and Raw Cod.


  • Dutchwar22 used to be a member of Garry until a disagreement caused her to leave, and take Fort Garry with her
  • Garry was one of the earliest towns created on Mistral Network