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Port Town Located at 0/0

Centralia of the Sea

General Info[]

Nation Server Founded (Server1/Server2)* Population
Anvilania Mistral 1 May 11, 2021 5



  • Baron von Greggo


  • _MagicBeans_
  • ConvexFawn
  • DanielDarling
  • ChudleyThunder


Centralia was founded at the opening of this server way back in May 2021. Three refugees: Convex_Fawn, ChudleyThunder, and greggo escaped their fledgling town of Tittyberg to escape the fires of the previous server. Their dream here: to build a centerpiece that would unite the server, open communication between nations, and establish an historical archive to record the server's history. Sadly, none of this was to be… The city began with a small warehouse located on the eastern island. Farms were sown and mines were dug. The future looked bright for this small community. Greggo was named the town’s first leader and given the title chief. He then began diplomatic missions to the neighboring nations to garner support and trade relations. He was then approached by the leader of the Georgian Empire: God_of_Hell. He offered admittance to the empire in exchange for a large quantity of leather which was greatly needed by the fledgling colony. It was only after the deal was struck, the colonists learned they could smelt zombie flesh into leather...After a few months and a few new members came and went, the colony was down to its last survivor: greggo. He kept pursuing his duty in building the dream to connect the realms in peace and communication.

In the fall of 2021, greggo was approached by representatives of the Crescent Haze. In the midst of constructing their new capital city: Soluna, they had designated an area to build a 1:1 map of the entire world. Greggo: feeling alone and in need of community, decided to secede from the Georgian Empire and join Crescent Haze. However, this alliance was short-lived. The loyalty of the citizens of Crescent Haze was already waning as many citizens became discontent with the leadership of their emperor: OhNoNottheBeas. And then, there was silence...Greggo continued his work on the map, and with the help of a few others was able to complete nearly half the world. However, it became evident that the participation of many in the Crescent Haze had ceased, and greggo was yet again alone...Dismayed, greggo returned to Centralia to again start on the city's infrastructure: fracturing his alliance with the Crescent Haze. Much was accomplished in the city, but it meant little if no one else was there to enjoy it. Centralia was now alone...

Then, during a diplomatic mission to the nation of Anvilania, greggo ran into an old friend from the Ravs2 server: ParisForge. Greggo had always admired the accomplishments of the Anvilanian people, but never thought his skills would be able to match their abilities. Their friendship renewed, ParisForge offered greggo the chance for Centralia to join the Anvilanian Nation. After this union, with a renewed vigor and resources from Anvilania, greggo set back to work finishing the structures of the east and west islands. However, this effort came too late. Shortly after completing the builds of the east island and beginning the work to finish the west, the announcement came that the server would be starting fresh the following day.

Time had run out on Centralia.



  • This Town was originally part of the Georgian Empire before joining the Crescent Haze and then Anvilania