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Bham - also known as Brumajum - is a large town on the continent of Eastern Chattgerry near the center of the map and directly West of spawn.

The town was originally built in the Tudor style, later on an area based on Victorian era architecture was built to the South East of the center alongside a large harbour to the West and large fields next to the iron farm to the North East.

General Info[]

Nation Server Founded Population
TheShubaLands (Capital) Mistral 1 May 11 2021 6


  • law_x_ (Mayor)
  • joncob27
  • Suxassy
  • Zuikis121
  • Niklas1313
  • Scientry
  • LucyLea19 (Former Member)
  • judgyy (Former Member)



  • The first building of Bham is The Staircase
  • Bham was originally a villager village, but none of the original houses remain.
  • Most signs found in Bham are quotes or inside jokes
  • The Dragon Skeleton is in fact not a Shuba, it is the Shuba's hat placed onto it's prey before landing in Lake Shuba
  • There has never been a giant hole below Bham

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