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This is the page for the Mistral 1 city. For the nation, see Anvilania (Nation)

Anvilania is the home of the crafters known as THE ANVILANIANS. Being situated in the southwestern portion of the server it enjoys being the largest city by area. It can be found to the north of the largest isle of the Anvelos Isles. Together with the West Anvilania Island (an area mainly in use for industrial endeavors) it is well developed and prosperous.

the Anvil base is the national headquarters

The Anvilanians are about mutual respect, team work, and community support. They are about acceptance, creativity, and sharing. The successful Anvilanian is the one who can lift their friends the highest.

Anvilania is divided into nine zones.

General Info[]

Nation Server Founded (Mistral 1) Population
Anvilania (Capital) Mistral 1 May 11 2021 21


artwork by TheTwistedBlade


  • King ParisForge


  • King ParisForge
  • Duke floatystuf
  • TheTwistedBlade
  • Hookerbait Creepy_Panda_96
  • Kirth_
  • Archmagos SaLDOS
  • Queen Clairissa_x the Druid
  • Fernchamps123
  • Ozzzim
  • Admiral KushPatel3410
  • Agent TaiganBond
  • Chief Eng Shark_Shooter
  • Dame LucyLea19


  • Dame LucyLea19

photo by Zuikis121


  • Ozzzim
  • Kirth_
  • Chief Eng Shark_Shooter
  • CaptainRose35


  • cfw2000
  • Vyolit27
  • Prophet JazzProphesy the Seer
  • zpSnakey
  • Lord MaverickMono of Rabbits
  • IronHobbit88
  • Muncha23





  • The area THE ANVILANIANS choose to be their home was discovered by floatystuf
  • There were two other Anvilanias, one on Ravs2 (rip) and one on the Temp server.
  • There are six smaller bases other than the Anvil shattered across the server. Each is able to support a team for prolonged endeavors.